About Us

Our story of why we want to help pregnant women everywhere, and how Bump Bundle came to be.

Bump Bundle

My husband Oliver and I were studying at university when we first thought of the concept for Bump Bundle.

We were living in a little one bed flat in Brighton when Oliver began working on his first business selling Vitamin D supplement subscriptions. I have always had a passion for learning about pregnancy and developmental biology and it occurred to me whilst I was watching Oliver, the idea of these subscription supplements could help to solve much of the confusion that ‘pregnant ladies’ and women trying to conceive face.

Your needs throughout the journey of preconception and pregnancy change so often that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what is best for you and your growing baby. A subscription based pregnancy service which is tailored to the exact point of your pregnancy could remove this stress from your life completely.

Bump Bundle

After sharing my idea with Oliver, the two of us created the early plans for Bump Bundle. We spent months researching the key ingredients of our Essential Formula and tweaking it to match each trimester of pregnancy to ensure you get exactly what you and your baby need.

The next 18 months involved us undertaking extensive research on what essential vitamins were needed for mum and baby at every stage of the pregnancy (as unlike other supplements, we wanted to create a formula that supported each differing stage, rather than the formula staying the same throughout). Mum and baby’s requirements during each trimester does change, so we wanted to tailor our supplements to support these changes/needs.  This is how we came up with our specifically tailored essential formula . We  also took advise from experts in the field of preconception/pregnancy. Having not yet experienced it ourselves, we read many forums and blogs about what it’s really like to be pregnant, and we found that in most cases, it’s not easy. So, we went back to the drawing board many times to develop Bump Bundle into what it is today. Not just a subscription for your essential vitamins required, but also specially selected items to pamper you and help your pregnancy go as smoothly as possible.

We felt a little crazy graduating, getting married and setting up Bump Bundle all in the same year but hearing from all the happy mums makes it worthwhile.