……. and Relax


Receiving a massage during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and pains and improve the labour outcome and newborn health.

If you are considering getting a massage you are advised to discuss this with your midwife to ensure the treatment planned is suitable during pregnancy.

If your busy schedule or budget doesn’t run to visiting a spa or salon then you can use (or preferably your partner – remember you should be pampered whilst pregnant!) a handheld back massager. It certainly won’t match up to a massage from a professionally trained masseuse but the gentle rolling of a back massager will certainly tick the boxes of reducing anxiety and a sense of feeling more relaxed.

A simple fifteen minute massage allows you time to unwind, focus on yourself and enjoy the moment. You can add to the mood by dimming the lights and having a soothing candle burn away. You deserve the attention and the enhanced well being for taking these few minutes is time well spent.

A beautifully crafted wooden back massager features in some of the Bundles so there’s never an excuse to get tense again!