Blitz Your Senses


Everything goes just a bit odd when you’re pregnant – your centre of gravity is off, your favourite food tastes peculiar and you have, frankly oddball cravings.

However, there is an opportunity to embrace this period and appreciate the small things. If you can’t get enough of pickled onion and crisp sandwiches then go with it. The textures and taste will sparkle through your head – enjoy it!

Equally let your sense of smell run wild. Ease back into a comfy sofa and enjoy the relaxing aroma of a Mediterranean orange candle.

Get physical and enjoy a massage. If you’ve got time to get a specialist pregnancy massage then great, if not then there is a back massager included in some of our Bundles. Simply enlist the help of your partner or friend, lay down and enjoy the moment.

Bump Bundle is the luxury tailored pregnancy box for mums-to-be. Our Bundles include a range of treats from beautiful fragrant candles, pink grapefruit lip balms, amber and pink pepper bath soak and a loads of other decadent treats to see make your sense zing during your pregnancy.