Top 7 Pregnancy Pamper Tips


1. Sneak some ‘you time’ when you can. Pregnancy requires all your attention and devotion as you focus all your energy, both physical and mental, on your bump. Everything is just that bit easier if you have some energy so grab some quiet time if you get the chance. If you already have a family this can be even more important in between the busyness of raising your family. A decadent and relaxing eye mask can help here.

2. Eat well. Easier said than done as you most likely had a busy life before you were pregnant so now it just got a bit more difficult to eat well. In every Bump Bundle we include some healthy and quick to prepare tailored recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. Treat your feet. A pedicure is the ultimate ‘me time’ and you deserve it. Your feet will take an extra pounding while you get about while pregnant and whilst you might not be able to see you feet at the moment give them some pampering.

4. Relax. This doesn’t just mean fall onto the sofa and watch television. Spend time consciously unwinding using meditation, reading about mindfulness or listening to relaxing music. Really unwind and destress your mind. You want to keep your energy levels up and positive.

5. Enjoy a good soak. Having a bath with some lovely fragrant bubbles is real pamper time. Do make sure the bath isn’t too hot as you don’t want to raise your core temperature.

6. Moisturise. As your little one grows, your body will adapt and change to create more space for your growing bubba. The skin itself will need to stretch in order to accommodate these changes, so ensure you are supporting, hydrating and nourishing it at each stage of your pregnancy. You can also use Bio Oil on your skin to ensure you minimise the risk of stretch marks – the great news is that Bio Oil features in some of our Bundles.

7. Take offers of help. Indulge yourself and let your partner, family and friends run around for you a bit. If you already have a young one you may well have adoring grandparents only to happy to take the kiddie, or kiddies, off your hand for a day, so you get some essential and well needed ‘rest time’ in preparation for the big day ahead. Sure, don’t take advantage but including them makes them feel special and enables you to enjoy being the centre of attention while your bump grows.

Bump Bundle is the luxury tailored pregnancy box for mum’s-to-be. Our Bundles include a range of pampering products including nail polish, polishing block and toe separators, bath salts and soaks, hot and cold therapy eye masks and a loads of other decadent treats to see you through your pregnancy.